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Dear recruiters, here is why developers don’t respond to your messages

Posted on:April 30, 2022

All developers are familiar with the typical unsolicited recruiter messages. They are generic, usually feel spammy and it gives recruiters a bad reputation.

These messages usually go something like this:

Hey ${first_name}, I find your profile very interesting and I think you’re a great match for a role I’m recruiting for. Let’s schedule a call so I can tell you more about it.

I must receive half a dozen of these every week, here are some reasons I probably wouldn’t respond to your message.

TL;DR: You don’t give me enough information to make me want to respond.

1- You do not state the company name

This is a very good sign that you’re freelance or you’re not working closely enough with the company. If you’re not willing to state this kind of basic information from the start, why should I trust you?

2- You do not state what the position is

You think I match the position, but why keep it a mystery? I have taken many roles in my career, some of which I don’t want to repeat. Just because “embedded systems” appear somewhere on my LinkedIn, it doesn’t mean that’s what I’m interested in doing now.

3- No salary, or the salary range is vague

If your message doesn’t say how much the role pays, I assume it is paying less than what I currently make. What is worse than no salary in the description, is a salary range way too wide. By default I will assume it will be on the lower end of the range.

4- You think getting a call helps seal the deal

Your job is to get me on the phone, I get that. You think if you just can talk and answer my questions I would be sold. My job on the other hand is to develop. I do not have the time nor the energy to jump on a quick call with every recruiter. Make the message clear enough, and enticing enough so that I have all the information I need to decide that a call is worth it.

5- You ask for my CV after saying that you reviewed my profile

If your first line was how good of a match you think my profile is, don’t ask for a CV immediately after. It makes the first claim less credible.

Again, I have no hate towards recruiters. I have worked with many to land me great positions. I just felt like sometimes we were both in different worlds.

Dear recruiters, I want to like you, just give me enough data so I can.