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Myths Developers Believe About Hiring

Posted on:July 3, 2022

1- Experience with the listed frameworks or languages is a must

A good candidate can ramp up quickly. If you can demonstrate solid fundamentals, companies can be flexible over the listed required experience.

2- Technical skills are the only thing that matters

When hiring, we look for someone we can work with. Your interviewer will be evaluating if you’re an overall rounded person and someone they can interact with daily.

Yes, technical skills matter. But often an average team player, will be hired over a technically excellent candidate that can’t work with other people.

3- A longer and more detailed resume is always better

Hiring committees receive tens (hundreds?) of CV for every open position. Most of which are discarded quickly after a first read. Good candidates should be able to summarize their work. Make your resume short and sweet and leave the reader eager to know more about you in person.

4- I’m always in competition with the best candidates in the field

Hiring is about finding someone that fits a certain number of requirements in a specific geographical area. You rarely need to be the absolute best; you just need to be good-enough™. Even if you think you only 60% qualify, apply!

5- Getting a lot of LinkedIn messages means you can get hired quickly

Recruiters will spam anyone with a pulse. They play the numbers game. Just because you’re getting 20 messages per week doesn’t necessarily mean you have 20 positions lined up. Keep your ego in check.

6- One application is for one role only

Companies usually have several open positions at any time. Your interviewer could decide that you’re a better fit for another position. Don’t be afraid to ask about open roles and which one might be a better fit for you.

7- Nepotism doesn’t exist

Never underestimate the importance of an internal reference even for a “friend-of-a-friend”. It is unfair but having a champion within the company will improve your odds considerably. Before applying check if you know someone, who knows someone that works at the place, and float your CV through them first.